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Welcome to Ink & Bourbon!

This site is a central directory for the writings of a jaded, nigh unemployable paramedic.

In the lulls between saving lives and making a difference on ambulance shifts, (and sometimes in the lulls between employment at various private ambulance companies) he has been known to write speculative fiction.

Sometimes this is speculation about fantastic worlds, or the future of humanity. Sometimes it's just speculating about the chances the bartender will forget his face and start serving him again.

Broken Crossroads

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Broken Crossroads - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

The city of Laimrig, once a mighty hub of commerce and a seat of power sinks into corruption and decay. Slavers, crime lords and corrupt officials hold sway while the ruling nobility wallow in decadence. War rages beyond the borders, while within rebellion simmers and sinister plots unfold.

Trilisean is an acrobat turned burglar. Conn is a jaded former mercenary. Against the background of deadly blades, subtle schemes, glittering treasures, dark sorceries and fell servants of forgotten gods, fate has thrown them together.

Fate has a sense of humor.

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In Every Clime and Place

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In Every Clime and Place - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

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Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful. The motto of the United States Marine Corps.

Words to live by.

On the ragged edges of civilization, Corporal Michael Collins has lived those words, taking on riots and evacuations, rebels and terrorists. Asteroid belt patrol is just another deployment. Ninety nine percent boredom, one percent terror.

But soon, the platoon of Marines find themselves entangled in the threads of a conspiracy of corporate greed, government corruption, piracy, and a band of war criminals.

As the fire team leader struggles with tensions in the close knit unit, Collins and his fellow Marines find themselves outnumbered in a pitched battle to stop a corrupt land grab that seems right out of the Old West, but on a new, wider, more unforgiving frontier. And now he must confront the harsh demands of being “always faithful.”

Semper Fi'. Words to live by

Words to die by.

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Out of Nowhere

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Out of Nowhere - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

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About this book:
Sean Danet is a Paramedic working in a poverty stricken mill town north of Boston. It's a modest but comfortable life. Welcome obscurity and peace after a long life of violence and secrecy.

Sean can heal the injuries of others with a touch, and doesn't seem to age. He's learned that people fear what they don't understand, and fear can make them lash out. Sean has no desire to be burnt as a witch or martyred as a prophet. He just wants to ease suffering.

Well, that and enjoy good food and drink and pretty women.

After centuries spent on the run, often as a soldier in one army or another, where men come and go and greet a miraculous recovery with more gratitude than suspicion, he has finally found  a place where he can blend into a transient workforce and practice his art without arousing suspicion.

Until he heals the wrong man, and finds himself targeted by knife wielding assailants, seeking to settle an old score.

A very old score.

With only his instincts, skills and the help of a few trusted partners from the ambulance and a beautiful professor, Sean must uncover the secrets from his own forgotten past and settle the feud for good. Along the way he must contend with a heavily armed, well financed enemy, and his own urge to disappear.

Can Sean survive? And can he protect those who have stood by him?

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