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Patrick LeClerc

After the events of April 15th, I need a qucik break from making up stories of war and cold and hardship. I'll recover and be back to my sunny self next time, with another episode of Advancing on Paris. Today, I need to get this out.

Boston is my city. I've lived all my life within an easy half hour drive to the Hub. Except at rush hour, when it's an easy two or three hour drive.  I have close family living in the city proper. All my life, going "into town" meant Boston. I still say "hahbah" for "harbor."

I've spent the last thirteen years working on the ambulance in Boston's northern suburbs. EMS being what it is, I have friends and co-workers and former partners working at every service and hospital inside of Route 128.

The vents of April 15th hit a lot of people close to me very hard -excuse me- hahd, and I just want to say a few things.

As frustrating as it is, there's a lot we can't do right now, a lot we shouldn't do right now, and only one thing we should.

We can't change what happened. We can't erase the fact that on a beautiful day, when the city was enjoying the annual celebration that is the marathon, bombs tore through the crowd, killing and maiming people who wanted nothing more than to share in the camaraderie of the event. There is no cause, no goal that can excuse that.

Most of us can't do much right now to prepare for this kind of thing, or prevent the next time or punish those who carried this out. There are people working on it, and when they know more, we will be better able to act. As a paramedic, I'm sure our procedures will be updated, and when they are, I'll make adjustments.

What we should not do is speculate. Let's not scapegoat foreign terrorists or the militia movements or anyone else just yet. Better to be uncertain now and right tomorrow than certain and wrong today.

The one thing we can do, must do, is support and respect one another in our time of shared loss. Don't post graphic photos. Don't belittle anybody's urges to pray or hope or provide comfort, even if you disagree with their beliefs. Don't call for revenge. In time, we can demand justice. Don't utter the words "false flag" or "conspiracy"within striking distance of me.

Just be kind. Be a friend. Hug your kids and your family, buy your coworker a cup of coffee, let those close to you know that you care, because there may not be another chance.

And, Boston, remember: Don't be a peckahhead. Just be wicked pissah to each othah.

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