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The Dark Underside of Seeing Your Child Develop a Sense of Humor

Paracynic, 2011
Memoir. 1 minute. No warnings.

Since the offspring is out of school this week, with nothing better to occupy his time, very little writing has gotten done. Lots of imaginary zombies have died, bugs have been captured and studied, science projects done and messes made.

But not a hell of a lot of fiction.

So I'll share a story about fatherhood.

The boy is very interested in science, and recently picked up a book on the solar system. The entry on Uranus mentioned the unfortunate name. He asked what that meant, so I had to explain Uranus sounds like "Your anus," and what that meant.

Now, he's an avid budding scientist, so that fact was interesting. But he's also a six year old boy, so it was hilarious. He paused for a moment, and broke out into a huge grin.

"Hey," he said, "is that Uranus in the sky?' he laughed. "Is that a big butt hole in the sky?' he convulsed with laughter. "Or maybe it's just a Black Hole!."

At that point, he lost the ability to speak, or even laugh out loud, his whole body just shook, no sound coming out, as he was consumed by his own wit.

Needless to say, he's his father's son.

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