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The Letter Home

by Patrick LeClerc

Hi Mom,

Just finished my first tour of duty after finishing up at the Trooper Instruction Regiment. It's been boring duty, but it's Tatooine, so I should be able to visit once I get some leave.

Not much exciting. Been on the lookout for some stolen Droids, so maybe there's some kind of smuggling ring. I do know that this place is a hang out for smugglers.

I thought we had struck gold a few weeks back, stumbled on some hot merchandise. I was hoping to see a promotion or at least a nice mention in our jackets, but it turned out those weren't the droids we were looking for. Not sure how sarge figured, they looked right to me, but as the new meat in the squad, it's not my place to say.

Like I said, patrolling the desert settlements is pretty monotonous, and Mos Eisly is kind of a pit. Our armor is hot, but at least the color reflects the sun, so there are worse things to wear in this climate. Whoever designed the helmet never had to qualify at the blaster range wearing it. You can't get your eye behind the sights with that damn thing on, and you can't turn your head right to shoot from the shoulder. We don't hit very often. Good thing the locals don't push back very often. We try to avoid needing to fight by intimidating potential enemies into submission. It can get ugly. A squad from 3rd platoon went out to search a homestead, and none of the guys wanted to talk about it when they came back. I guess things went bad. Hope I'm never in that position.

Been a few scrapes with Jawas and Sandpeople, but nothing too awful. The Sandpeople are easily frightened, as long as they don't outnumber you, so we patrol in force. The Jawas, well, you know them, Can't trust ‘em. And they always try to lie without actually lying, you know. I know the veterans really don't like them. I heard a group of them got wiped out in an area that 2nd platoon was patrolling. Story is the Sandpeople did it, but you never know. Some of our guys really don't care for Jawas, it's far from witnesses...

I hope I get transferred off this rock soon.

I know you didn't want me to join, mom, and I'm not trying to worry you. Overall, it's not so bad. Three reconstituted meals and a clean rest chamber. Since the farm went belly up and we had to take out that loan from the Hutts, this was the only way out. I'm transferring the credits from my last month's pay to you. That should clear the loan. Another year and half of this tour and I should have enough saved to look for a place and ask Kara to marry me.

Some good news. I just heard that my request for duty on the new space station is getting the Lieutenant's recommendation. That's soft duty. A nice, safe station, plenty of dignitaries, lots of chance to get noticed. Looks good in the old service jacket. And you know those years washing dishes have taught me a thing or two. I can get my whites to shine like nobody's business. Even if it's lousy for shooting, I can make that armor look good. That counts for a lot when promotion time comes around.

And the station is actually able to travel between systems. See the galaxy and all that, just like on the recruiting posters. Maybe I'll find a nice system where it's not so hard to grow crops. Buy a place after I muster out.

I hear we may be stopping at Alderan. It's supposed to be nice. I'll send some video with my next message.

Got to go, Mom. Give the family my love. You should see credits in the account by the time this transmission gets to you.

And please don't worry about me.

Your son,

Pax Fugit
Trooper 1st Class
1st Platoon, Echo Company
503rd Legion, Imperial Forces

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