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LeClerc's Third Law

by Patrick LeClerc
Nonfiction. (sigh) 1 minute

I recently added to my list of LeClerc's Laws of EMS.

The Law of Priority of Answers.

If you are at a house trying to treat a patient with chest pain, and the town has helpfully sent you a Police cruiser and an engine with four Firefighters, and since it's Haverhill, maybe a Canine unit and a girl scout troop and the local chapter of the Knights of Columbus, and the family is on scene freaking out, and you ask him about his cardiac history, but at the same time:

The cop on scene asks his name and date of birth...

The wife asks him where his insurance card is...

One of the Firefighters asks if the pain radiates to his left arm, since he watched a recent ER while dozing in a recliner at the station...

The patient will answer everybody in the room before the Paramedic.

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