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Published Books

Out of Nowhere

Out of Nowhere - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

About this book:

Sean Danet is a Paramedic working in a poverty stricken mill town north of Boston. It's a modest but comfortable life. Welcome obscurity and peace after a long life of violence and secrecy.

Sean can heal the injuries of others with a touch, and doesn't seem to age. He's learned that people fear what they don't understand, and fear can make them lash out. Sean has no desire to be burnt as a witch or martyred as a prophet. He just wants to ease suffering.

In Every Clime and Place

In Every Clime and Place - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

About this book:

Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful. The motto of the United States Marine Corps.

Words to live by.

On the ragged edges of civilization, Corporal Michael Collins has lived those words, taking on riots and evacuations, rebels and terrorists. Asteroid belt patrol is just another deployment. Ninety nine percent boredom, one percent terror.

Advancing on Paris

Advancing on Paris - a novella by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

About this book:

One of the problems with being immortal is you get to live through all of history's most famous blunders. Like Napoleon's inspired idea for a land war in Asia.

This Sean Danet short story, a prequel to the entertaining and popular urban fantasy “Out of Nowhere,” sees our immortal hero before he became a paramedic in the Boston area. Some 200 years earlier he has hidden himself in plain sight in the ranks of Napoleon’s army. A plan that has landed him in the infamous 'advance on Paris'... stumbling backwards from the smouldering ruins of Moscow with his musket frozen to unfeeling hands and only hunger keeping him awake as the Cossacks swoop down from the unforgiving countryside to slash at the column's flanks and cut down stragglers.

Broken Crossroads

Broken Crossroads - a novel by Patrick LeClerc. Now availble at!

About this book:

The city of Laimrig, once a mighty hub of commerce and a seat of power sinks into corruption and decay. Slavers, crime lords and corrupt officials hold sway while the ruling nobility wallow in decadence. War rages beyond the borders, while within rebellion simmers and sinister plots unfold.

Trilisean is an acrobat turned burglar. Conn is a jaded former mercenary. Against the background of deadly blades, subtle schemes, glittering treasures, dark sorceries and fell servants of forgotten gods, fate has thrown them together.

Fate has a sense of humor.






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